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This school is started in the memory of SHRI VIRENDRA SINGH BAGHEL. He was a very learned man and had a never ending quest for knowledge.

We at VSBEC aim at educating the children by giving them a sense of their own worth as persons and by enabling them to become women of competent and instilling in them gospel values specially love and compassion.

We channelise our resources to make our student leaders of tomorrow with a deep sense of commitment to society, who will bring about a transformation in society through their efforts to uplift all sections specially the oppressed classes such as women and dalits.

The aim of the school is:

1. To provide healthy, liberal, sound and quality education to boys and girls.

2. To make them to become good and responsible citizens of India.

3. To make them leader in various walks of lives.

4. V.S.B.E.C upholds that a school must be a light house of society and must provide a way out of the present moral confusion & social chaos.


School's motto is embodied POWER, INTELLIGENCE & ACADEMIC It means if you have these three virtues you will go ahead in the life.

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